Math 1014, Spring 2019: Calculus II

Instructor: Ke Wang

  • Email: kewang AT
  • Office: 3491


  • Section L8: Tue/Thu 04:30PM – 05:50PM, Rm 2464, Lift 25-26.
  • Section L9: Tue/Thu 03:00PM – 04:20PM, Rm 2464, Lift 25-26.

TAs:  Lan Yuan (T08A, T08B), Du Xusheng (T08C, T09A), Fan Min (T09B, T09C).

Tutorial: Please check class schedule and location by yourself (Here is the link). We will start tutorials from February 11.

Schedules and Lecture notes: Lecture notes and other information will be posted on Canvas regularly.

Online Homework:  Homework sets will be delivered and submitted online via

Mathhelp: Math Support Center (MSC)