Schedules and Lecture notes

Tentative teaching schedule: pdf

Lecture notes: The lecture notes will be updated in a timely manner.

Sep 02: Lecture01, Lecture02 (We have covered simple interest from sec 3.1 and compound interest in sec 3.2.)

Sep 05: Lecture03 (We covered sec 3.3 on future value of an annuity.)

Sep 07: Lecture04 (We covered sec 3.4 on present value of an annuity.)

Sep 09: Lecture05 (We covered sec 4.1 on solving system of linear equations with two variables.)

Sep 10: Lecture06 (We introduced how to use augmented matrices to solve linear systems on sec 4.2.)

Sep 12: Lecture07 (We covered the Gauss-Jordan elimination method on sec 4.3.)

Sep 19: Lecture08 (We continued on Gauss-Jordan elimination method with applications.)

Sep 21: Lecture09 (We introduced some basic matrix operations on sec 4.4.)

Sep 23: Lecture10 (We talked about matrix inverse on sec 4.5.)

Sep 26: Lecture11 (We used matrix inverse to solve linear systems, sec 4.6.)

Sep 28: Lecture12 (We covered the Leontief input-output analysis on sec 4.7.)

Sep 30: Review on Chapter 4.

Oct 03: Review on Chapter 3.

Oct 05: Lecture13 (We introduced a new concept, the limit of a function, on sec 10.1.)

Oct 07: Lecture13.5 (We talked about computing limits and continuous functions on sec 10.2.)

Oct 12: Lecture14 (We introduced the derivative of a function and covered power rule on sec 10.4.)

Oct 14: Lecture15 (We covered the continuous compound interests and derivatives of exponential/logarithmic functions on sec 11.2.)

Oct 17: Lecture16 (We covered the product rule and quotient rule on sec 11.3.)

Oct 19: Lecture17 (We introduced the chain rule on sec 11.4.)

Oct 21: Class cancelled due to typhoon.

Oct 24: Lecture18 (We covered the implicit differentiation on sec 11.5.)

Oct 26: Lecture19 (We covered the related rates problems on sec 11.6.)

Oct 28: Lecture20 (We talked about first derivative test on sec 12.1. The slides are updated: we use “critical number” instead of “critical values” and the Theorem on page 4 is revised.)

Oct 31: Lecture21 (We covered the second derivatives and concavity on sec 12.1.)

Nov 02: Lecture22 (We only covered the asymptotes and will continue on graph sketching on Friday.)

Nov 04: Lecture22, Review for 2nd mid-term exam (We finished curve sketching on sec 12.4.)

Nov 07: Lecture23 (We covered absolute maximum and minimum on sec 12.5.)

Nov 09: Lecture24 (Skip example 6. We covered the optimization problems on sec 12.6.)

Nov 11: Review for 2nd mid-term exam

Nov 14: Lecture25 (We introduced the antiderivative/indefinite integral on sec 13.1.)

Nov 16: Lecture26Lecture26.1 (We finished the method of substitution on sec 13.2.)

Nov 18: Lecture27 (We covered the definite integral on sec 13.3.)

Nov 21: Lecture28 (We covered the fundamental theorem of calculus on sec 13.5.)

Nov 23: Lecture29 (We covered the area between two curves on sec 14.1.)

Nov 25: Lecture30 (We talked about a few applications of integration in business and economics on sec 14.2.)

Nov 28: Lecture31 (We covered the last topic: integration by parts on sec 14.3.)

Nov 30: Review for integration.

Extra problem sets:

Chapter 3: Ch3_1, Ch3_2, Ch3_3, Ch3_4

Chapter 4: Ch4_1Ch4_2Ch4_3Ch4_4Ch4_5Ch4_6Ch4_7

Chapter 10: Ch10_4, Ch10_5

Chapter 11: Ch11_1, Ch11_2, Ch11_3, Ch11_4, Ch11_5, Ch11_6

Chapter 12: Ch12_1, Ch12_2, Ch12_4, Ch12_5, Ch12_6(Skip problems 2,4)

Chapter 13: Ch13_1, Ch13_2, Ch13_4, Ch13_5

Chapter 14: Ch14.1, Ch14.3

Sample exams:

Mid-term exam 1: sample, solution

Mid-term exam 2: sample, solution

Final exam: sample, solution