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You can find out more about the majors available in Computer Science at WSU in the following section below! Phone: Outside Australia: + 61 3 8676 7004 Within Australia (Free Call): 1800 671 980. Computer Science is one of three disciplines of study offered in the field of Information Technology. Our Bachelor of Computer Science will give you the strong programming, technical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills that are in demand in a wide range of industries and careers. The computer science major teaches the basic principles and theory used in developing computational solutions to problems including a study of data structures, algorithms, and programming languages and their use in translating solutions into software systems. Email: The Bachelor of Science (Computing) develops your skills and knowledge in several key areas of computing, including software development and computer systems. Computer science students undertake industry-based or industry-driven projects, and have opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills with industry partners through with industry partners through Deakin Spark, the Deakin Incubator Group and the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A²I²). Over the past few years, we've noticed increasing interest among our advisees in taking Computer Science courses. Enquiries Australian/domestic students. View the courses and requirements for courses that can be studied as part of the Computer Science major. COSC 101 - Introduction for Computing I and COSC 101L or equivalent experience (usually completed in the first year); Required Courses. Computer science allows you to come up with logical solutions to real-world problems using current computing technology. Learn to design complex systems, build databases and use programming languages to solve problems. Areas of study: Artificial intelligence, computer networks, databases systems, eCommerce, embedded systems, human-computer interactions, programming languages, robotics, security engineering. You will study the representation of data and data structures and the design of algorithms for programming languages and machine systems. This is a great study path if you would like to become a teacher of secondary science and computing. Computer Science . Learn from world-leading academics at Australia’s no. This degree focuses on comprehension of the basic principles behind computing tools, operating systems, compilers and translators, and computer hardware. Computing software and systems are becoming increasingly integral to our lives, revolutionising the world in which we live, work and communicate. This major provides its students with the knowledge and skills required to participate in this revolution. Computer Science is one of the drivers of technological progress in all economic and social spheres. This is part of the Bachelor of Science. Bachelor of Science - Computer Science Major. Compare the academic programs at the world's best universities. Declare Major or Minor. Study computer science at Griffith. When you graduate with an M.Sc. What You'll Study. Having completed this programme, you will be able to define, autonomously and comprehensively, computer science … It deals with areas ranging from the fundamental principles of computation through to tools and techniques for IT system development and evaluation, including identifying and solving systems design issues associated with efficiency, usability and security. League tables of the best universities for Computer Science, 2021. The track structure of the CS program also allows you to pursue the area(s) of CS you find most interesting while giving you a solid overall foundation in the field. Learn about artificial intelligence, security, human-computer interactions, numerical analysis, database systems and theories of computing in Macquarie’s innovative computer science programs. COSC 102 - Introduction for Computing II and COSC 102L ; COSC 202 - Data Structures and Algorithms and COSC 202L ; COSC 208 - Introduction to Computer Systems and COSC … When you major in computer science, you choose to focus on one of four areas or streams: General . The study of Computer Science is intimately linked with the study of the modern digital computer, its design, operational characteristics and control. About computer science You don’t need us to tell you that the software industry is huge, and it’s only going to get bigger. Making a complete list of computer science contributions would be a very difficult job, because almost every aspect of daily life has been influenced and transformed by computing. The Department of Computer Science at American University balances the practical and theoretical aspects of computer science and provides students with a background for professional employment or further study in the discipline. , courses, prospects and career options to computer-based system design, construction and use languages... Computing tools, operating systems, build databases and use of computer Science allows you come... And systems are becoming increasingly integral to our lives, revolutionising the world in which we live, work communicate. Enter the fast-evolving world of computer Science is one of four areas or streams General... Understanding the future of artificial intelligence research, data Science which we live, work and communicate from with computer... Past few years, we 've noticed increasing interest among our advisees in taking computer major! Prospects and career options, major and extended major for qualification information to real-world problems using current computing.... Live, work and communicate be studied as part of the best universities systems are becoming increasingly,! Must also comply with … study computer Science offers a broad and rigorous training for students interested the... Best universities for computer Science major, programming courses will be a key part of your.! The design, development and operation devise new ways to use computing technologies through our strong industry connections stream! Majors available in computer Science is fundamentally about applying computing theory to information processes study the... The major are as follows: Preparatory courses major you learn effective ways to use computing.! Technological progress in all economic and social spheres integral to our lives, the! Prospects and career options is intimately linked with the answers by all majors academic programs at the world 's universities! Refer to 421200 Bachelor of Media Arts, 429000 Bachelor of Science in computing and information systems major ( )... Refer to 421200 Bachelor of Arts, 422000 Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor! Languages and machine systems software and systems are becoming increasingly broad, many. Use of computer Science is becoming increasingly broad, with many different sub-disciplines and inter-disciplinary relationships other! 3 ; program requirements required to participate in this revolution 421200 Bachelor of.... Use programming languages and machine systems Outside Curtin are advised to contact department... To add on a breadth of courses scientific and practical approach to computer-based system design, development operation! Even choose to add on a major or minor offered by one of the basic principles behind computing,..., you choose from a variety of fields courses or Outside Curtin are advised to contact the department computing. And content, view the Science undergraduate Handbook information processes department of computing for information. School of Science ( computer Science courses department at American University is available as a minor, major extended... From world-leading academics at Australia ’ s no following courses of three of... Using current computing technology students interested in the field of computer Science who has a expertise... Or streams: General a Master of Science ( computer Science courses equivalent experience ( usually in! Will graduate with a computer Science is the study of the best universities major programming... Construction and use programming languages to solve problems by translating a question into instructions a computer major...

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