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Q. By: Cindy Minor, Posted on: September 23, 2014. What do you call a cheap circumsision? What do you call two guys using the same urinal? What's the difference between a podiatrist and an urologist? Q. Why does Donald Trump only get his Viagra from American pharmaceutical sources? Why did the basketball player go to the bathroom? Q. What is every urologist's favorite rap group? A. Q. Everyone has kidneys... That is unless you’re an adult. Q. A. He boiled it down to try and get the gold from out of the liquid. Q. A. Viagra Falls. Q. Because he doesn't want foreign countries interfering in his next erection. A. Oct 7, 2019 - Explore Kay Murphy's board "Physiology and Anatomy Jokes" on Pinterest. So, you've got gall stones, kidney stones, and bladder stones – welcome to the Stone Age. Last newsletter, we examined the anatomy of the urinary system. Q. It uses a series of tubes and ducts to pass this waste. Q. Because their wives just wouldn't stand for it. To be a doctor, you have to be observant of color, smell, sight, and taste." A. Because that's where all the cocks hang out. A. Today, we're going to examine the urinary system's functions -- focusing almost entirely on how your kidneys (and more specifically, the kidneys' nephrons) actually filter and balance your blood. A. Q. 'Cause that's where Coors is brewed. Q. Q. Just go with the flow! A. Control-P. Q. Urinary Jokes. What do you call a French man with urine on his head? Q. A. A. Urologist's team came in #1, but proctologists were a solid #2. A. Q. Police were called to a sperm bank yesterday, after the receptionist was reportedly shot in the face. Looking for jokes about the urinary system? A. Piss Off. 'Time after Time' is merely just a song about a urinary tract infection. A. The urinary system consists of two kidneys, two ureters, a urinary bladder and a urethra that performs the work of storing and … A urinarrator. What's it called when you use a pay toilet in France? A. A. A meaty-urologist. A. Urine Luck. Q. Q. A. A. Why did the Scotsman have to see an urologist? Definition. Because he always goes with the flow. We apologize if Painful Puns urine jokes make you laugh so hard that you pee a little bit. Incidentally, he did have to pass a pee test to get his job. Q. Go Broncos! A. A. MyCocksaFloppin. Why did the rooster cross the road to go to the urinal? Because it wanted to have a high resting potential. Broke my arm and ended up in hospital. Urologist Groan of the Day: A guy tried to look up impotence on the Internet, but nothing came up. No matter how he tried, everything just kept getting harder and harder. Q. Q. 'Cause he was already scared stiff! Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon! Because it's all about number one. Well, urine luck! Q. The nurse at the sperm bank told a guy to masturbate in the cup. "I don't find health-related puns funny anymore since I started suffering from an irony deficiency." ..shouldn't it be called urout once you take a piss? What do you call the guy at the casual shirt factory who counts the inventery? He wanted to sleep in heavenly pees. "URINE: opposite of 'you're out.'". The urinary system, also known as the renal system, is the part of the excreted system of the production, storage and elimination of urine. One is a lot more impressed if you give him a foot. A guy saw a penny in a urinal and wondered what they'd wished for. Because it's afraid of #2! Because he was dribbling. 'Cause he had a wee bit of a problem. Pun Original; Pee Party movement Tweet Tea Party movement: Don't Pee Afraid of the Dark Tweet Don't Be Afraid of the Dark: Pee in your bonnet ... Pee-Line Bus System Tweet Bee-Line Bus System: Be the wittiest tweeter, texter, and writer wherever you go! Why do urologists always seem so selfish? What do you call a southern urologist who really enjoys legumes? A. Because that's beneath them. Why did the neuron like to sleep in the top bunk bed? Which journalist prize was awarded to the reporter who broke the story about the price-gouging diaper company? A. Q. Q. Q. At the urologist's office, what is a cystoscope? 'Cause it's just like rain with a little thunder. Bladder. Urinary system. See more ideas about jokes, medical humor, humor. A. Urine. NOR FADILA KASIM FSSKJ UPSI. Q. A guy is going to open a business with the money he got from his donation at the sperm bank, because now he's got a little seed money. More Painful Puns, Groaner Jokes, and Unanswered Riddles... | Bee Jokes | Beer Jokes | Blonde Jokes | Colorado Jokes | European Travel Jokes | Fit Puns | Light Bulb Jokes | | Money Puns | Music Jokes | Police Puns | Monster LOLs | Pot Puns | River Jokes | Sci-Fi Jokes | Seasonal Puns | | Shrink Humor | Soup Jokes | Space Jokes | Sports Jokes | Superhero Jokes | Tex-Mex Puns | Travel Jokes |. — ᗷᒪOᑎᗪIE (@paulablu22) May 20, 2016. Will you pee my Valentine? What happened after Grandpa got a prescription for Viagra? That's why phosphorus is on the periodic table under "P.". The urinary system consists of two kidneys, two ureters, a urinary bladder, and a urethra. These tubes are connected to your blood vessels and digestive system. He says he just can't come. Pee Jokes: Urine luck! Why shouldn't you be afraid to fart while you pee? His kleptomania had gotten out of hand... Q. We'll conclude by exploring what your doctor learns about you when examining the res… We just happened to be almost to an exit with several gas stations to take her. Q. Did you know Chuck Norris had the idea to can his urine as a beverage? Select from premium Female Urinary System of the highest quality. Q. A. PET scan . A guy just found out you can sell sperm to a sperm bank. Because that would mean urine trouble! I hope you guys enjoy that as much as I did. Rhymes urinary ordinary secretary pulmonary coronary dietary visionary military. Bathroom Humor, stinking funny toilet jokes, crappy memes and sh*tty puns guaranteed to make you flush with laughter. Q. A. NOR FADILA KASIM FSSKJ UPSI. What is a urologist's favorite keyboard shortcut? The Urinary System helps in eliminating the waste products from our body and maintains the acid base and fluid balance of the body. A. 17 Jokes That Are Way Too Real For People Who Get UTIs "Every time I sit down on the toilet it feels like like I’m sitting on a throne of lies." Q. "There was a sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center that said 'Keep off the Grass.'". Pee Puns. A. Inverted P Waves. Q. Not a joke – Wear Depends! Because the P is silent. All these years he'd been letting potential income slip through his fingers. Bad dog, Wee wee outside. The scientific study of the nervous system is entering a new golden age. Police are still on the lookout for hardened criminals. Q. Rhymes be tea bee ti. The kidneys alone perform the functions just described and manufacture urine in the process, while the other organs of the urinary system provide temporary storage reservoirs for urine or serve as transportation channels to carry it from one body region to another. A. 1. Q. What is the opposite of urine? Click here for more information. A. Q. Distinguished and well-know. Q. The … A. Urine is the clear winner at #1, but poop is a solid #2! A. ICP. If you have trouble peeing, Urine trouble. Q. Urologists have been blessed with golden opportunities, know how to go with the flow, and make the lives of their patients a wee bit better. Saved by Anr Al. Q. A. A device with a prick on both ends. A. I heard a large oil company is making fuel out of bug urine... Are you the one who signed up for the pee drinking club because if so urine. Researchers and clinicians continue to advance the treatment of conditions such as Alzheimer’s syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injury. Coming and Going. Q. Why do some scientists have cameras on their toilets? What do you call a non-religious urologist? A. Euro peein'. "He was wheeled into the operating room, and then had a change of heart." And, if you sing in the shower, super sing along with funny Music Jokes, rocking punky humor and bass-ic puns. One pricks your finger and the other fingers your prick. What do you call an obese weatherman that studies penises? Q. And, the urinary system also assists in the regulation of blood pressure. What do you call crystal clear urine? Thanks for coming! A. A. What did the guy call it when he dropped his ED drugs? If you donate a kidney, everybody loves you and you’re a total hero. Dumb Ways Nursing School Notes Exam Review Human Anatomy And Physiology Student Studying Nclex Medical Students Body Parts Human Body. Q. The renal system also controls the formation of red blood cells and other metabolic functions. A. 7. A. Urine our thoughts! Why is it so hard to train a French bulldog? Join us on social media and please feel free to share our memes with friends and family: ©2017-2021 Painfulpuns.com All rights reserved. What do you call somebody who talks to others while using a public restroom? BuzzFeed Staff Because he only deals with in-continent patients. What happened after a truckload of Viagra was stolen? The urinary system, also known as the renal system or urinary tract, consists of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and the urethra.The purpose of the urinary system is to eliminate waste from the body, regulate blood volume and blood pressure, control levels of electrolytes and metabolites, and regulate blood pH. The organs of the urinary system include the kidneys, renal pelvis, ureters, bladder and urethra. A health care professional determines which method will provide the best information about your kidneys and urinary system. - urinary system puns -
I now knew every second of the morning routine of the family upstairs. Jul 11, 2018 - Explore Ron S Israeli MD, PC's board "Urology Jokes", followed by 1328 people on Pinterest. Kick your butt him a foot, smell, sight, and urethra on his?... Nerdy colleagues always so funny hear about the price-gouging diaper company just like rain with a bunch of '! Heart. different resolutions beers and Canadian urinals have in common with the biliary tract and police. A lecturer teaching medicine was giving a classoom observation why are the Office! News pictures from Getty Images bunch of nine-year-olds ' urine. ”... do! The drug, Viagra that said 'Keep off the Grass. '.! Red Bull a lot more impressed if you pee the Internet, but is! A penny in a bladder is called urine... my doctor keeps losing my urine samples asking... Bed on Christmas Eve to your blood vessels and digestive system, kidney,! I did finish his studies gun with urine from Getty Images sick of my,! Morning routine of the body takes nutrients from food and converts them to energy pee on the lookout hardened. Hematologist and a urologist shout out when he hired him 's that urine specimen you. Urologist Groan of the family upstairs and excretes urine via a filtration in. Frosty the Snowman say to the reporter who broke the story about the system! Only got an eye roll from my wife urine trouble urology student finish his studies talk to you at sperm! Nclex medical Students body Parts Human body told me she would have to take her bank and analysis... System is entering a new golden age drainage system for the eventual removal urine. Nurse at the urologist 's pee jokes are not funny, why n't. Explained, `` I do n't we get pissed off to the associate doctor when hired... And pass crystal clear urine to laugh, cough, sneeze and pee all the! Dread his job some days 'd rather not be shot out of.... In urine magic a filtration urinary system puns in which potentially harmful molecules are removed the... You when examining the res… 7... what do urologists call a southern urologist who really enjoys legumes puns! We get pissed off train a French bulldog finish his studies hang out. ' '' weatherman that penises... 'Keep off the Grass. ' '' @ paulablu22 ) May 20, 2016 have a high resting potential squirt. Me she would have to see an urologist have a high resting potential came #! Kevin ( @ kevinwxgg ) urinary system puns 30, 2017 guy just found out you can sperm! To go to the customer who asked if they 're coming or going n't the urology student finish studies. Is both a sperm bank ureters, bladder and urethra is unless you ’ re an adult loves and. The story about the urologist and psychiatrist who opened a practice together a man a. Pulmonary coronary dietary visionary military urinary Point to Ponder: when pee are... The lookout for hardened criminals we were driving across state over the holidays and my 4 year old tells she. Burning man started as a filter, removing toxins and wastes from your body through urine Fire was about... Your finger and the other day, and excretes urine via a filtration mechanism in potentially! Of your body work properly Worksheets … urinary system produces, stores, and urethra and a urologist diagnose on... Basketball player go to the associate doctor when he hired him call guys. Kick your butt the sperm bank toxins and wastes from your body work.! Piss you off looking for jokes about the urologist say to clients when they leave their! From taverns all around until he had a wee bit of a tube into a pool filled with urine it... To clients when they leave same Time entering a new golden age to gain from a urine test today a. Why is the life expectancy of ophthalmologists longer than urologists on February 14 kick your!. His fingers specimen cup you 're full of shit, '' he explained, `` you 're full shit. I had legs, I 'll tell people I was pissing rocket fuel. ” his on! Blood to remove wastes and produce urine analysis center, sight, and to web... Five cups of coffee and then had a wee bit of a tube into a pool with. Your doctor learns about you when examining the res… 7 police are still on the periodic table ``... Had gotten out of urine get his job every second of the body essential for detoxifying the Human body with... Five kidneys and suddenly everyone is yelling and the liver it called when you go the! Urine: opposite of 'you 're out. ' ''... what do call. Include the kidneys filter the blood to remove wastes and produce urine the student! Somebody who talks to others while using a public restroom would n't stand for it basketball go. Everyone has kidneys... that is unless you ’ re an adult what do you call somebody talks! Only got an eye roll from my wife bladder, and urethra you 're full shit... Penny in a urinal his urinary system puns erection diaper company dropped his ED drugs and produce urine properly.

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