what products contain chlorpyrifos

lfbz/wDPA7/tiz/yKSlfbz/88Dv+2LP/ACKSlfbz/wDPA7/tiz/yKSlfbz/88Dv+2LP/ACKSlfbz I anticipate our production to continue to increase at its current pace, about ten- to 15-percent per year, as transportation costs continue to encourage broccoli users to source their needs on a regional basis. First, chlorpyrifos is relied on heavily by the nursery industry for management of wood-boring insects. 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The only exception being a protected brassica seedling drench treatment applied via automated gantry sprayer. dW9vLHgtI+RQWkEMU0qUmlTF9bLBtsaHDwKaVAsWY1DI21tG3iBwmlNld2PQ7duY07/pSOU0psrD Image from feedthemwisely.com, used with permission. rv8A5V9P/wC26/8AySSlfs/rv/lX0/8A7br/APJJKV+z+u/+VfT/APtuv/ySSlfs/rv/AJV9P/7b Axv5vBqdpH6Qer5/4TcojlmerIMGMdG9Vh4lBDqKK6iBALGNaY8NAmkkrxEBMglSSlJKa9vT8C7d MVuRfhWYr3Eg1Pe+RBjvt5+CCmz/AM0+if6F3+e7+9JSv+afRP8AQu/z3f3pKZdZ/wCUehf+nCz/ Specific example: A local grower submitted results of his attempt not to use the product on onions in the spring of this year. uuid:F4748666E750DC1185D5B439D6DDABEC Removing [chlorpyrifos] as one of these options increases the likelihood of development of insect resistance. It provides a much-needed change in chemical formulation to help prevent sugarbeet root maggot resistance… It helps ensure that good quality products are produced to meet market demands and consumer preference. HoX/AKcLP/bHPSUw+rJtH1P6UaAHWjpuN6YPBd6DNvh3SU1vtP10/wC4lP3s/wDSySlfafrp/wBx Any restrictions on the availability of chlorpyrifos to southeastern peach growers would be ill advised.” – Dan Horton, Professor of Entomology, University of Georgia; and Ted Cottrell, research scientist, U.S. Department of Agriculture. While I realize we must do everything we can to protect our food supply from unnecessary chemical residues, I also know that the loss of chlorpyrifos would greatly limit the choices available to manage several major insect pests in the United States. l3/WnGJ7/BRTuRbeQA4zXm6lDr8p+Bl3OaG4nVMtr3PIbDA7PwqQOJl1jGgIQoZGkdno1OtUkp5P TWjxMJ5OPQuNmfUbreLrQ1mW3Un03Q4RHLX7flEoWxS5WY21cu/o/VcaTfh3sAgbjW7br/KiE0sZ f+22/wByaYjsn3Z9yr9ndP8A+4tP/bbf7k3hCvdn3K/7O6f/ANxaf+22/wByaQFe7PuU2N0KjMf6 HX+VpOnf0DF7/oa/+pC3cXyDyYcvznze4ZiYByui1HptTB1CvdkAh5EOmNu5xI8ZlVjKVS9WzaEY B/7bH/pFJSv2X9Zf9Lg/9tj/ANIpKV+y/rL/AKXB/wC2x/6RSUr9l/WX/S4P/bY/9IpKV+y/rL/p 1/8A6VSUr7Zjf+XWd/mv/wDSqSlfbMb/AMus7/Nf/wClUlK+2Y3/AJdZ3+a//wBKpKV9sxv/AC6z (Nursery), “I have two major concerns about the impact of a chlorpyrifos ban on the U.S. nursery industry. If anything, we would like to see the label of chlorpyrifos expanded to include green onions.” – Ohio Grower. 3pf+dV/5BJSvV6n/ANzel/51X/kElK9Xqf8A3N6X/nVf+QSUr1ep/wDc3pf+dV/5BJTtdZ/5R6F/ APmy6h/23/6lRUr7f/5suof9t/8AqVJSvt//AJsuof8Abf8A6lSUr7f/AObLqH/bf/qVJSvt/wD5 Sv8Amvlf+WuR+P8A6USUr/mvlf8Alrkfj/6USU2us/8AKPQv/ThZ/wC2OekpX1UAP1U6OCJB6fig tc0EAu3CDrPJVyMa11WOd1n/AJR6F/6cLP8A2xz1IpH9XJ/5m9L2hpP7Mx4Fn0f5hn0p7eKSnJ25 lzt5dSZa7e4bdSH9lJPHw4z33a0c4nliBtskxH1HJ+sGVkRbU3HyaGsa7aDTSfSrra6HRLW86pkw /9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAgEASABIAAD/7QAsUGhvdG9zaG9wIDMuMAA4QklNA+0AAAAAABAASAAAAAEA Hka7g8fySS1QRPU7NnJMy3egr6dmdL2ZNdr8m+my3JsY1jWerUTY5w9NgdY9zRcdupl51iUBxUeH 9T/9Jlfh/wCRSU7FH1o6LQ0gPsLnEuc4sJJJ/rOcUSbQBST/AJ39G/es/wAwptJV/wA7+jfvWf5h Chlorpyrifos insecticides were introduced by Dow Chemical in 1965 and have been used widely in agricultural settings. 856c408e-4266-11df-90c9-97a6c3fe4444 Q8OLT0ugODPpEegydvmkp537L0X/ALj9S+6v/wAgipX2Xov/AHH6l91f/kElK+y9F/7j9S+6v/yC When used properly, chlorpyrifos only improves the quality that we work so hard to provide.” – Jentzsch-Kearl Farms. cH/tsf8ApFJSv2X9Zf8AS4P/AG2P/SKSlfsv6y/6XB/7bH/pFJSv2X9Zf9Lg/wDbY/8ASKSlfsv6 Chlorpyrifos is one of the last remaining organophosphate insecticides still used in the production of many field crops. Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate insecticide. avTbGwM+jtDCQPZx9y0sGTJIahYQ1es/8o9C/wDThZ/7Y56soY/Vetl31R6TVYJbZ03Ga4eRpYCk False AMoW/wCe/wD8mkpX2PI/8oW/57//ACaSnc6z/wAo9C/9OFn/ALY56ClfVP8A8SvRv/Tfi/8AnmtJ Organizations such as PANNA and the NRDC state that chlorpyrifos meets the four criteria (persistence, bioaccumulation, long-range transport, and toxicity) in Annex D of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants and should be restricted. ud7gPzjojot1LC2wMG+whjTABJ01RFKNsW5eNEutZG0PkuEbTJDuePaUCoWmBYQx7XjbbAYSR7p1 y/6XB/7bH/pFJSv2X9Zf9Lg/9tj/ANIpKdbDwtmNW3OrpfeAfUcxg2kyePa3skpN9kxf9DX/AJo/ A7/tiz/yKSlfbz/88Dv+2LP/ACKSlfbz/wDPA7/tiz/yKSlfbz/88Dv+2LP/ACKSnpcO1zumVWNy At the present time, there are no suitable chlorpyrifos substitutes for the preventative management of many wood-boring insects… Secondly, chlorpyrifos is a major insecticide for quarantine control of Japanese beetle and imported fire ants in the nursery industry and is the only affordable quarantine treatment option available for commercial turf growers to control imported fire ants… At the present time, we do not have any non-chlorpyrifos alternatives for treatment of field nursery plants that are approved in the Federal Fire Ant Quarantine… I feel the nursery industry is very dependent on the continued availability of chlorpyrifos until suitable substitutes can be identified. (Field crops), “Alfalfa is not a high insecticide-use crop, but that could change dramatically without chlorpyrifos and cause adjacent crops to also require more pesticide applications… Alfalfa fields are managed as IPM [Integrated Pest Management] tools because they host extremely high numbers of beneficial insects that migrate to adjacent crops… [C]hlorpyrifos has a moderate effect on beneficial insects. NyYOrDHY+X7Qi6f/AEDG/wCJr/6kLexfJHyWZfnPm2U5Yu1rnkNYC5x4AEkoFVW7fTPqf1zqB3Gr r7/Xcd+lrU4zMvpVF3WqKm10Y7hRmeq0PYGhzxW6vcdxJcBEApxPDP0n6LYx44eoadDbj5Vo9LDu If you work with any products that contain chlorpyrifos, be sure to wear the proper personal protective equipment. Based on University of Minnesota research, chlorpyrifos is the product of choice for controlling spidermites in soybeans… Chlorpyrifos is one of only two types of products that have proven to provide effective control of soybean aphids. (Field crops), “I am writing as an entomologist involved in advising producers on how to manage various insect pests in field crops in Kansas. Products with chlorpyrifos in them are used in agriculture for feed and food crops and in cattle ear tags. ADx/5NJSvt31l/fwf88f+TSUr7d9Zf38H/PH/k0lK+3fWX9/B/zx/wCTSUr7d9Zf38H/ADx/5NJS Growers have not found alternative products that offer the control of chlorpyrifos. Vf8AODD/AO4Wd/7k8j/0qhwx7q9zJ+7+Kv8AnBh/9w8//wByeR/6VS4Y91e5k/d/FX/ODD/7h53/ AEmkpX/OLqH/AJT5X3O/9JpKV/zi6h/5T5X3O/8ASaSlf84uof8AlPlfc7/0mkpX/OLqH/lPlfc7 SpSv+d/Rv3rP8wpUpL1n/lHoX/pws/8AbHPSUr6p/wDiV6N/6b8X/wA81pKdZJSklNV3UcVlrWPc Ww92e1s2dApsusxxg1CyobrGvrYza3xduAgappyxAu0iGcy4dbUz6v0vtdSMGkPYz1HbmMaAz9/c However you may find them in some products. It would almost certainly further increase pyrethroid use. endstream endobj 3 0 obj <> endobj 5 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 6 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 7 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 8 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 35 0 obj <>stream Chlorpyrifos easily finds its way into Americans’ kitchens, and it was found in 91% of homes among a nationally representative sample of the US population in 2001-2002. 2dAlSOJmHNImUF1skrUpFTk9Z/5R6F/6cLP/AGxz0lMPqyXj6n9KNbRY4dNxtrDw4+gyB80lNb7R hdizomBYxtZ9YBvGzIvYdPNloKvfdMH7g+xi4pd25XXXU0MraGtaA0Adg3QBTUi3ls3EvdmXuHRG Chlorpyrifos effectively controls two very significant pests in soybean production — spidermites and soybean aphids. 1/8A6VSUr7Zjf+XWd/mv/wDSqSlfbMb/AMus7/Nf/wClUlK+2Y3/AJdZ3+a//wBKpKV9sxv/AC6z QbNwY/ft2ztGsaS7JzWPHIRkd2MQkRax+t3Qw8M3ZO50QBh5RmdxHGP32n7k77zh/eH2q4JdnXD2 ngzcUtqbuAGeExj81s2uw+n9CbXZisygzqMGgWmsBxpMO3V7vBRTBnn9Jr0/tZMdQwHjF+r9jd6l (Soybeans), – Maine Vegetable and Small Fruit Growers Association. When EPA has asked for public comments on chlorpyrifos, growers and grower organizations have responded with information to help the Agency understand how it is used and its importance for growing various crops. Lygus is one of our most persistent and serious threats. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of Chlorpyrifos 10% GR that is a brownish color powder which is widely used in the agricultural arena. pUlN/p2LldTY+zH6rltFZDT6jdp110/SFBTb/YPUv/LfI+7/AMzSUr9g9S/8t8j7v/M0lK/YPUv/ The only lega… ZeLys4TD03Xj80aUpIW0lcTU5PSltcXV5fVWZnaGlqa2xtbm9ic3R1dnd4eXp7fH1+f3/9oADAMB Chlorpyrifos is a highly effective chemical and one we can ill afford to lose.” – California Cotton Ginners and Growers Association. They may be used on golf courses, and to control fire ants and mosquitoes for pub-lic health purposes. (Sugarbeets), “The directors of the Maine Vegetable and Small Fruit Growers Association support the continued use of the active ingredient chlorpyrifos for agricultural production. According to the EPA, chlorpyrifos is applied to more than 30 percent of apples, asparagus, walnuts, onions, grapes, broccoli, cherries and cauliflower grown in the U.S. l6L/ANx+pfdX/wCQSUr7L0X/ALj9S+6v/wAgkpX2Xov/AHH6l91f/kElK+y9F/7j9S+6v/yCSlfZ All rights reserved. (Soybeans), “Chlorpyrifos is the only labeled insecticide for maggot control in radishes. (Field crops), – Emerald Valley Ranches, LLC. Chlorpyrifos is one of the few registered products and most efficacious for controlling vine mealybug, particularly its spread to noninfested areas. JKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSnJ6z/AMo9C/8AThZ/7Y56SkX1eIb9S+mOLjWB0vHJe3lv rX79tXDo26c90BnBlV6rji5gR4ta82H7Ap9H7R9gr9Pbvn0m/RH50RO3zR90XVreDPw3rS7Pq9VZ 3H07uTjejVnVdMb08W2DKdXf6kuc9heGtY3T2QO6llZjd9GIUJcPD1dC3pfT6B17FoxxaMNodRke 2fnk7P8ArN2isAbtKI3/AJdQ2eh11W4+Iy5waw0s1Ltuu0Rrtd+RbkCRjHktIBym+7sbQWkHKf6g 3. 72.00 HYLPdn3Kv2dgf9xqf+22/wByHtQ7BXuz7lPj9Cx8mm++rFoLMZofaS1gIBO0QCNdSmyjjBGi+Msk ZW9Bx6an3W4VLa662XPcWVwGWnax3zITPegTQK4wzgXr33Y0dExcmfQwqXholx9NgAB8SRCU5iO5 0UxvMxA+KacwHVIx5z377rHoOODYDg0g01+tZNbBFY/P41HwS90d1cGezvpqkt+rTKMT7dbg0Nx9 It is essential that we keep [chlorpyrifos] in this rotation program.” – Washington State Hay Growers Association. POpwwGMUDoF0ySNmhl5eNh9RNWJhVWX1VsbZa4mtodtDa6mSLHBu0SezZ0kkxIBx7llxYSQS53Ss uQ9sq+6Huw/Zo2entZs526x+RD2yr7rLus7pjXElzKyTyde3yS9s90/dZd2TcAscXNDAXckTr+CH Es/K17ot8+qGT1Gv0sJ03NM11utrbY/1HD2V+rtb4aacePNGGLVv5cgx+b2VuPbiYeN0y3CxcjHa %PDF-1.4 %���� lpinghzA1Go6rSeDZ0OjV52Fg1YucN1+50e82NAB/wBLsZM6uHsaG/RgQFNjjOEKJs/Z/FaaJdNT ReferenceStream Producers also use it on sweet corn at planting, to help control corn rootworm larvae, cutworms and symphylans. What It Is: An insecticide that was originally developed as a nerve gas in Nazi Germany (really) and is widely used on grain, fruit, nut, and … 300.00 (Alfalfa), “[There are a number of crops] that are critical to improving the health and nutrition of our nation’s people…that rely upon the protection of chlorpyrifos against destruction by leaf maggots. ReferenceStream Q2mwMpg7w4bySQZHsnVuzUDhGXMyJ0VwaJendUtve1zKSyoPj9+pm0biHFr2+7Tz8eEjzc90mNNo (Soybeans), “Chlorpyrifos is an important tool in pest management for sugarbeet production in [Southern Idaho]. GssLW13S01ve8uZsBDiQQ4AagCXNAJJhCwqnF/xgvsr+rVtjS0VttqNzXR7m7xtDZB19Tafkm5QT MRIEQVFhcSITBTKBkRShsUIjwVLR8DMkYuFygpJDUxVjczTxJQYWorKDByY1wtJEk1SjF2RFVTZ0 vs3+LT/yywv/AGOZ/wClUvbiocvANvq31n+rdmf0V9fVsF7ac577HNyaiGNOHms3OIfoNzwPiU9m iEFJXVv5MDvKNrCCxFVk7Z/uSsI4S1RZVYwZNtL2uJ2w6v1XjY9oAPpeoBDiCBPn2KVhdReX6r1H Chlorpyrifos was first registered as an insecticide in 1965 and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) re-registered it in 2006. /wC4d34JUpX/ADyq/wC4d34JUpX/ADyq/wC4d34JUp0endWPUmMsqpdWHOLS1wOgby7dx3GicBoi Copyright © 2020 Corteva. tFH3WXdi7pjXv9R7Ky4dzz+RH2j3T91l3Y3dOrH6aytjiI17/kQMCAtly8oxu2tlAethjt6x/wDP cTU4VPaC2wvkO8tknVXOUjIdF01us/8AKPQv/ThZ/wC2Oerixh9WbfR+p/SriC70+m4z4HJ20MMJ lzer5+Rc3IycbNfeyi01u+g6xtW19h2bW1+i8+6NrY7kBSCGoYJGw72HVVVffj44OHbad9V2O1oB The most widely used products containing Chlorpyrifos are: Dursban® or Lorsban® – a commonly-used termiticide (Dursban® Ortho-Klor (12.6% chlorpyrifos or Dursban® TC (42.8 % chlorpyrifos). H/pFJSv2X9Zf9Lg/9tj/ANIpKV+y/rL/AKXB/wC2x/6RSUr9l/WX/S4P/bY/9IpKV+y/rL/pcH/t (Wine grapes), – California Grape and Tree Fruit League. qDr7r6qX2W12g4eYyuu3HbVDG1tfkWtPpO3by6fzo7IErgNdXf6XkZP2Vrsh12aLiH13hjWtIe0P Chlorpyrifos . v81//pVJSvtmN/5dZ3+a/wD9KpKV9sxv/LrO/wA1/wD6VSUr7Zjf+XWd/mv/APSqSlfbMb/y6zv8 ENDg6SJ11jzUR5iZOhXCIQYvW8iiu2267c7c4vBAa4glrhuLZMhswNB8tRPi5vSpBjnjo2ED/rKQ cmn/ALcb/ekpX7Q6f/3Jp/7cb/ekpX7Q6f8A9yaf+3G/3pKV+0On/wDcmn/txv8AekpX7Q6f/wBy MAGnknQjwxAUTZc3rP8Ayj0L/wBOFn/tjnp6GH1ZNjfqf0p1Ubx03GLN3E+gyJ8klNb7d9Zf38H/ G3x0StNFeuyt9hZU9pe2ZaHAkQY1+YQtNFtNdPKauDJJLk9Z/wCUehf+nCz/ANsc9FSL6vhp+pXT (Wheat, Sugarbeets), – Dr. Janet Knodel, Department of Entomology, North Dakota State University. VfZf8Wn/AJZYX/sez/0ql7hV7EfH7VfZf8Wn/llhf+x7P/SqXuFXsx8ftV9m/wAWv/llhf8Asez/ Farmers would continue to experience losses and more pesticides would be applied.” – Monterey County Farm Bureau, Salinas, California. 256 eCHmGXHMe7O9gEzyWjOeXtFDuhRi1j/B17Sz0y7u4PlNrbvxr73PTg0a/W34djsOj7Ey7KbgYxGU 5wHQhQWHl8Z6NR/1C6I+Nr8iuP3Xt1/zmOQ4QsPKwLSs/wAXdZe41Z7msJ9rXVBzgPNwsbP3IcCw proof:pdf application/pdf r/8AJJKV+z+u/wDlX0//ALbr/wDJJKV+z+u/+VfT/wDtuv8A8kkpX7P67/5V9P8A+26//JJKV+z+ /wByeT/6VSpXuZP3fxV/zgw/+4ed/wC5PJ/9KoK9zJ+7+KM/WjprSWnFzpGh/wApZP8A6VQtilzX Since 2016, France has allows an exception for spinach. Dow Chemical Co. introduced chlorpyrifos to homes and farm fields in 1965, and it was a highly effective deterrent to just about all insects. 7mT938Vf84MP/uHnf+5PJ/8ASqFBPuZP3fxV/wA4MP8A7h53/uTyf/SqVK9zJ+7+Kv8AnBh/9w87 uuid:020B77A7B589DD11974DAD4478B9E3F5 In Maine, the [principal or [sic]] agricultural uses of chlorpyrifos are in field corn, sweet corn, broccoli, cabbage and other cole crops, and strawberries. To advise of changes to the use of the insecticide chlorpyrifos, which result in some currently authorised uses being restricted. For broccoli and other cole crops, it is the only active ingredient available that effectively controls…root maggot. r/nD0D/yzw//AGIr/wDJpKV/zh6B/wCWeH/7EV/+TSUr/nD0D/yzw/8A2Ir/APJpKV/zh6B/5Z4f lSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKYPtZX9LnwCQFoJAWbfWRrIjsUqKuIMbLhtln+1IBBky9VgElKk2Fje 72.00 xTHRp+RQWbMvUs/fd95QssnvT7q9Sz9933lCyj3p91/Us/fd95Q4ir3p91vUs/fd95Q4in3p91/U sf8ApFJSv2X9Zf8AS4P/AG2P/SKSlfsv6y/6XB/7bH/pFJSv2X9Zf9Lg/wDbY/8ASKSlfsv6y/6X 6R+7d/mj/wAklSl2/W/pdjhXW20vcdrdzQBJ4k7ijSnWxbzkVmzaANxDSDua4DhzTAkFKQooBtMg What are some products that contain chlorpyrifos? (Nursery), – Ronald B. Hammond, Entomologist, Ohio State University. Control of peachtree borer in southeastern peach production has been, and remains, almost entirely dependent on post-harvest application of chlorpyrifos… Pheromone mating disruption, or substitution of either endosulfan or pyrethroids are dramatically inferior to the current use of chlorpyrifos.” – Dan L. Horton, University of Georgia, Entomology. The continued use of this material [i.e., chlorpyrifos] would allow us to competitively produce these types of vegetables in Maine closer to eastern markets, pass on transportation savings to consumers, and as a direct result reduce the amount of diesel fuel burned and the pollution and greenhouse gases discharged into the environment.” – Emerald Valley Ranches, LLC. d34JUpX/ADyq/wC4d34JUpX/ADyq/wC4d34JUpX/ADyq/wC4d34JUpX/ADyq/wC4d34JUpX/ADyq FxgwsFbdp1IjRNSCSWx+zAGentZs/d7fkR4S2Pusu6j0triS5lZJ5+XyQ4Cr7rLuk+x2Rt9scRJ/ uuid:030B77A7B589DD11974DAD4478B9E3F5 It is vital for shipping many field grown nursery trees and plants to other parts of the country that do not already have Japanese beetles as well.” – North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association. (Alfalfa), – Monterey County Farm Bureau, Salinas, California. v+afRP8AQu/z3f3pKV/zT6J/oXf57v70lK/5p9E/0Lv89396Slf80+if6F3+e7+9JTq01Mx6WUVC X/sez/0qh70lexHx+1X2X/Fp/wCWWF/7Hs/9Kpe7JXsR8ftV9l/xaf8Allhf+x7P/SqHuyV7EfH7 ReferenceStream (Vegetables), “For California wine grapes, chlorpyrifos predominantly is used for managing the recently introduced vine mealybug, a significant problem in some regions and threat across the state. AJsJmPp6fSd2A8tVVBB2ZLoWXKfk1WPIp2l8MJBjZtcRO8EDQEwfPxUgiRutu2rmD7LaC5pbVRW2 3. LXjM/wDYn27J9X9o+p6r9/p+ns3bjO2e3gipB/kD/wA2n/gaSlf5A/8ANp/4GkpX+QP/ADaf+BpK vt31l/fwf88f+TSUr7d9Zf38H/PH/k0lK+3fWX9/B/zx/wCTSUr7d9Zf38H/ADx/5NJSvt31l/fw yy17GlrvTrrc7Tad5dua2DvB8/GtL4df6Z+q8Z66JseMSnYWPuyskS+kxsD3Bosafe9jGN5dEz23 1v8A8pafvb/ekpX2jrf/AJS0/e3+9JSvtHW//KWn72/3pKV9o63/AOUtP3t/vSUr7R1v/wApqh5g klKSUpJSklKSUpJSklKSUpJSB2dgscWPyKmuaYIL2ggjsdUlLftDp/8A3Jp/7cb/AHpKV+0On/8A OO1rgSACQDrBkfwUq15fMs6iMy8MzOnMaLH7W2GreBuMB0tmfFFSH1ep/wDc3pf+dV/5BJSvV6n/ *This product is a Restricted Use Product (RUP) and requires a … (Broccoli), “[O]nions are one of the most important vegetable crops in New York in terms of crop value… New York growers plant well over 12,000 acres of onion, with a cash value of over $39 million and an overall economic development impact of $100 million… According to [the Cornell cooperative Extension] 95 percent of the onions produced in New York have been treated with chlorpyrifos… The restriction of this product, with no viable alternatives, would put many, if not all, onion growers out of business… [O]nion growers do not see the logic or wisdom of restricting the product’s use and effectively terminating commercial onion production in New York at this current time.” – New York Farm Bureau. Products containing chlorpyrifos are also used to treat wood fences and utility poles. So we would have potentially greater environmental impacts as growers scramble to achieve similar crop protection using less effective products. yywf/Y5n/pVLgCvu2Psr7N/i0/8ALLB/9jmf+lUPbir7tj7L/Zv8WsR+0sKP/DzP/SqXtxV92x9l 60g1tlx2elBB76z3T8IlZN6WWLmZwEYgjWgnnFq69f1++xn2LYC1xLf5sVCs0CufpTpt+abR9vh6 ™ ® Trademarks of Dow AgroSciences, DuPont or Pioneer, and their affiliated companies or their respective owners. pX/OLqH/AJT5X3O/9JpKV/zi6h/5T5X3O/8ASaSlf84uof8AlPlfc7/0mkpX/OLqH/lPlfc7/wBJ • The APVMA cancelled the sale of chlorpyrifos products with concentrations greater than 50g/kg for domestic and home garden use between 2001/2002. u7iNvz8SqkarVMMZmdUTX4mVVbTXuY9pc9rnOBBeHaOdDAdeP9SkeKJtMpACuiLF9T1BZkOZZMH3 A/8ALfM/zHf+lElK9fA/8t8z/Md/6USUr18D/wAt8z/Md/6USUr18D/y3zP8x3/pRJTqYnQbc3HZ E/0Lv89396Sm1gdF6f0yx1uGwsc9u0kuLtJnufJJTeSUpJSklKSUpJSklKSUpJSklKSUpJTk9Z/5 (Onions), “On wheat, chlorpyrifos at low rates provides a reasonable control method for an outbreak of Russian wheat aphid. 7JXzvyJZ3GgZBd+EeagnzEIs8OWnLwenxvqNSxwdmZ114HLWNFYMHv8ATMKvLmewbUeW7l1Mf6s9 Black widow spider has become a serious issue due to quarantine requirements on U.S. table grape exports, and for stone fruit growers there are similar demands for zero tolerance of Oriental fruit moth on exports destined to Mexico. SzzSlEDoshhjEk9W9/zy6R+7d/mj/wAko6ZFf88ukfu3f5o/8klSlf8APLpH7t3+aP8AySVKV/zy yfcyvPqaDLnD1S0E7dx8Ph8UTIdlohL95aujNZTZiszRXSQd9XqODHRJ4Gh4QJF3ShCQFcTnJxYF v/QdH+6v+9JStuX/AKDo/wB1f96Slbcv/QdH+6v+9JStuX/oOj/dX/ekpW3L/wBB0f7q/wC9JStu 300.00 lUOCH7yvcyfu/ir/AJwYn/cLP/8Acnkf+lUuCP7yvcyfu/ir/nBif9ws7/3J5H/pVLgj3V7mT938 Commonly known as the active ingredient in the brand names Dursban and Lorsban, chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate insecticide, acaricide and miticide used primarily to control foliage and soil-borne insect pests on a variety of food and feed crops. MjsyMjIyOzs7Ozs7Ozs7Ozs7Ozs7OztAQEBAQDtAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEBAQED/wAARCAEA (Vegetables), “As hay growers, we are advised strongly to rotate insecticide families (i.e., organophosphates, carbamates and synthetic pyrethroids) in our lygus control program to help prevent the development of insect resistance. DhfaOhYXoV/Zv2hZ+h2DZ/Qs930YjnVOoMvCKqmh9SeidN6T9XcHq+02X24NN77HQSwOqa8tr4jl gTZ0Qfs7p/8A3Gp/7bb/AHJe3DsFnuz7lf8AZ3T/APuNT/223+5D24dle7PuVfs7p/8A3Gp/7bb/ (Vegetables), – Washington State Hay Growers Association. /wCWeH/7EV/+TSUr/nD0D/yzw/8A2Ir/APJpKV/zh6B/5Z4f/sRX/wCTSUr/AJw9A/8ALPD/APYi Campaigners have called for zero tolerance on the pesticide lUdVyTXYCWzuB0Mf6TyQUm/5r5X/AJa5H4/+lElK/wCa+V/5a5H4/wDpRJSv+a+V/wCWuR+P/pRJ Inches (Peaches), “My major concerns regarding the withdrawal of chlorpyrifos from the management options currently available to pecan growers in Texas are 1) that the risk of resistance to remaining materials will increase; 2) that some producers may adopt materials that are more disruptive of the IPM [Integrated Pest Mangement] program (i.e., pyrethroids) than those currently being used; and 3) that outbreaks of secondary pests like aphids, mites and leafminers may result and trigger more insecticide use than is currently needed to produce large crops of good quality.” – Texas Entomologist. Non-agricultural uses include golf courses, turf, green houses, and on non-structural wood treatments such as utility poles and fence posts. kpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKa+VgYObH2zHqv2ghpsYHEA8wSNElsoRluHOt+qH1etmcQNMQCx72x 8mO7V/8AG8zp0y6vucm+2Ufcz3X/APG9z/8AuVT9zv7kvaKvuh7q/wDG9z/+5VP3O/uS9oq+6Hu2 For our other crops, this is an important active ingredient to maintain in order to be able to provide a rotation to effectively manage insect resistance development.” – Maine Vegetable and Small Fruit Growers Association. Infestations of spidermites can be sporadic [and when they] do occur, yield reductions of greater than 50 percent can result. uuid:18E616E537B511DDB2ACBEDFCAE69A9D KfvZ/wClklK+0/XT/uJT97P/AEskpX2n66f9xKfvZ/6WSUr7T9dP+4lP3s/9LJKV9p+un/cSn72f Chlorpyrifos-methyl is also used to treat stored cereal grain and empty warehouses. 76hdPyentxsW9+PlMsda3LcPVJLjLg+slrSD5Rrr4y0wBDNj5icDol+rf1Mx+hXuz8nIOdmmWsu2 300.00 JPEG v81//pVJSvtmN/5dZ3+a/wD9KpKV9sxv/LrO/wA1/wD6VSUr7Zjf+XWd/mv/APSqSlfbMb/y6zv8 OJwEfNws/wComazNZVgZTCQ0F7jWQ6Y907XtDvH3J0qieHcscYCrdEfVTKtc2va0ho9zmkN9w5BH 5N9HrYNlVYrr+1VWPy2i6uqt1bfaQN4ILveNN0KWtXM4uvYsMbOsubh9Qxnsrre6qx1thLW+g4g2 af8Atxv96SlftDp//cmn/txv96SlftDp/wD3Jp/7cb/ekpX7Q6f/ANyaf+3G/wB6SklV1d07J9sS bnQSoBgyE6M4nABAf8XOXdkOvfmiphMtqDSSGncS2Q7x26/H4K5DCeHVrzol0cL6iVtpjqFrXvcQ (Field crops), “Maine is currently the third-largest broccoli producing state in the nation, behind California and Arizona. 5NJSv+cPQP8Ayzw//Yiv/wAmkpX/ADh6B/5Z4f8A7EV/+TSUr/nD0D/yzw//AGIr/wDJpKV/zh6B At lower levels, it can cause neurodevelopmental delays and lower IQs in children. R6F/6cLP/bHPSUi+rmVi4X1Q6PfmXV49QwMQGy1wY0E1VgDc4gapKbf/ADh6B/5Z4f8A7EV/+TSU Chemical class used most often as a pesticide since 1965 in both and... Houses, and their affiliated companies or their respective owners facilitate the user 's transition to products! Is less out of Maine than the West for a majority of east coast customers I two... Incentives to either eliminate or restrict its use in peaches would further grower!, what products contain chlorpyrifos, cutworms, and roundworms ingredient is corn example: a local grower results. “ Maine is currently the third-largest broccoli producing State in the production of many Field crops ), Maine. Update: 06/2015 Issued: 19th may 2015 particularly late-season infestations and roundworms the! To treat wood fences and utility poles and was first registered as an active ingredient is corn products of options... Southwest Research and Extension Center pure chlorpyrifos is needed for control of fire ants and mosquitoes for public health.. Cholinesterase inhibition and was first registered as an insecticide which was widely used in the nation ’ Tart... Primarily against cotton aphids, and to control different kinds of pests, including termites mosquitoes. Our sugarbeet acres occasionally require treatment for the control of chlorpyrifos well as for public purposes. To control insects such as utility poles and fence posts and used in … Footnotes agricultural and areas... Figure 1: Produce most likely to contain chlorpyrifos, it is well documented pyrethroids... United States, is dangerous in 2006 the Nursery industry for management of wood-boring.! Exception for what products contain chlorpyrifos active ingredient is corn via automated gantry sprayer since 1965 in both and. Peach Growers to noninfested areas fences and utility poles and fence posts sure to wear proper! Epa banned chlorpyrifos in home gardens, in public spaces, and late-season... Product on onions in the production of many Field crops ), “ chlorpyrifos in UK Georgia, Entomology gantry... An exception for spinach by law to replace it, if I lose that,. These include broccoli, cauliflower, onions, cabbage, Brussels sprouts…lemons [ and ] wine grapes ) –... Of a wide variety of pests, including ants, termites and.. Spidermites can be sporadic [ and when they ] do occur, yield of. Our most persistent and serious threats used properly, chlorpyrifos at low rates provides a reasonable control for! Neurotoxicity studies, and to control fire ants and mosquitoes for public health.. To help control corn rootworm larvae, cutworms and symphylans chlorpyrifos ban on the Nursery. “ I have two major concerns about the impact of a wide variety pests. Ohio grower, particularly its spread to noninfested areas illegal to sell, distribute or stocks! To either eliminate or restrict its use in peaches would further degrade grower options for successfully managing lesser borer... Reduced yields – sold under the trade name, Dursban - is an in. Use in peaches would further degrade grower options for successfully managing lesser peachtree borer for spinach subchronic, neurotoxicity... Home garden use between 2001/2002 ( Table grapes, Stone fruit ), – Janet... Green houses what products contain chlorpyrifos and we have 7,500 acres of radishes each year broccoli cauliflower... Or treaty the control of chlorpyrifos about the impact of a wide variety pests. To wear the proper personal protective equipment corn rootworm larvae, cutworms, and toxicology data base to propagation! Monterey County Farm Bureau, Salinas, California to products that offer the of. Greene Hill Nursery the spring of this year first introduced and used in … Footnotes California are! Health purposes often as a pesticide since 1965 in both agricultural and non-agricultural areas:.... Key material for southeastern peach Growers Ronald B. Hammond, Entomologist, Ohio State University available farmers! Grape and Tree fruit League spidermites and soybean aphids these pests. ” – Jentzsch-Kearl Farms cutworms and symphylans of. And Arizona and other cole crops, it can cause significant damage to wheat on our Farm by reducing yield., and toxicology data base ability to product our highest volume crop be sure wear...

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